Fence Design Ideas To Help Add Outdoor Privacy To Historic Renovations

When restoring a historic home, there are some things to consider, such as improvements, additional features, and preserving the appearance of architecture. Sometimes, you may want to add things like new fencing, but you want the new fence to be attractive and blend in with the renovations you are doing. The following fence ideas will help you add privacy to outdoor spaces when doing historic renovations:

  • Traditional White Pickets With Modern Materials—One of the options that you may be considering to preserve the historic appearance of architecture is pickets. White picket fences have long been a traditional feature of estate homes, and there are a lot of options to choose from. Today, the options you may want to consider for a white picket fence include:
    • Vinyl fencing systems
    • Metal fence pickets
    • Composite lumber
    • Conventional natural wood

These are the different materials that you may want to use to create a white picket fence for historical architecture.

  • Unique Wood Fence Designs With Custom Details—There are also options for unique wood fence designs that you may want to consider. These designs include features like transom frames with lattice inserts above fence sections, or arbor structures at the gate entrances. The wood fence is a good option to give the renovations a more traditional look with a modern custom design.
  • Metal Fencing with Landscaping for Privacy—Traditional metal fencing materials can also be used for your privacy fence when doing renovations. This can be conventional wrought iron materials, or it can be more modern aluminum materials. If you do choose to use traditional metal materials, you will want to use landscaping, such as shrubs and greenery, to give the fence privacy where it is needed. The benefit of wrought iron and other metal fence materials is that it preserves the historical look of your home. 
  • Modern Fence Designs with Traditional Accents—The fence design can also be more modern, such as panels or treated plywood. The fence can be blended with more traditional features like posts or brick columns, which will help give the renovations of your historic home a touch of modern design. There are also modern vinyl and composite fencing systems that can be used to combine more contemporary fence designs with traditional details. 

These are fence design ideas that you will want to consider for your historic renovations. If you are ready to give your historic architecture better outdoor privacy, contact a fence company to talk to them about these solutions.

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