Why Install A Cedar Fence Over Other Types Of Wood?

When installing a wooden fence, charm and privacy are usually the key things homeowners look for. A wooden fence makes your yard feel more intimate and offers a great amount of privacy, particularly when you want to keep nosy neighbors out or a busy dog inside your fence.

There are a few types of wood that are commonly used in fences, including cedar, pine, redwood, and cypress. While any type of wood can work for your fencing needs and your fencing contractor can work with any type of wood you select, cedar fencing may be your best option. Learn why you should consider a cedar fence over other types of wood when putting a fence around your property.

Cedar is naturally pest-repellant

Cedar has a scent that is well-known. This type of wood also carries an oil that makes the wood less desirable to destructive pests. The dense wood naturally repels insects and other backyard pests, allowing the wood to last a long time as a fencing solution. If you want a wooden fence that will need few repairs in the future because it can hold its own, consider cedar.

Cedar is reliable

Cedar is not as likely as softer woods like pine to change shape over time. Water damage and other types of exposure to the elements cause lots of wood to naturally swell, warp, bend, or even crack over time, but cedar is durable enough to keep its installed shape even in extreme weather. Ask your fencing contractor if staining or painting cedar is best for your climate or if leaving the wood bare is enough to keep your wooden fence durable.

Cedar is attractive

If one of the main reasons you want to put in a wooden fence is to have a pretty wood grain in your fencing and add curb appeal to your home, then choosing cedar fencing is a wise decision. Not as rusty as redwood but not as cream or yellow as pine, cedar has its own warm tone with a light grain that is pleasing to the eye and suits many exterior home designs. Since the wood is hardy, you can use cedar in many attractive styles, such as lattice, picket, or even traditional privacy fence styles, to give your yard the appeal you desire.

When deciding among different types of wood for your fencing project, let your fencing contractor help you out. Your fencing contractor will show you the benefits of each type of wood to help you make your final decision.