4 Questions To Ask A Commercial Fencing Contractor

Whether you're looking to add a fence to your existing commercial property or want to replace an older fence that has seen some significant wear and tear, one fact remains: you'll want to find an experienced and reputable commercial fencing contractor to complete the work. When properly installed, a commercial fence can provide your business with additional security, and an attractive fence material like wrought iron or wood can make your business appear more inviting as well.

As you speak with potential commercial fencing contractors, there are a few questions you can ask to get a better feel for whether they're a good fit.

Who Will Check For Underground Utilities?

Even if a fencing contractor will simply be replacing an existing fence, it's still imperative to check for underground utilities. This is typically done by your area's gas or electric provider; be sure to find out ahead of time whether this is a task your fencing contractor will cover or if it's something you'll be expected to have done before the date of your fence installation.

Can They Remove Your Existing Fence?

If you have an old fence that needs to be removed, make sure this is something your fence installer can handle. If you've already received a quote, check to be sure that it includes the cost of removing and hauling away your old fence.

How Deep Are Fence Posts Set?

Fence posts should be set deep enough to maintain the structural integrity of your fence long after it is installed. There are many variables that come into play when it comes to setting fence posts, but most professionals recommend setting each fence post at least one-third of its overall height into the ground with concrete. This means that a six-foot fence would actually require a nine-foot fence post, with three feet of each post being buried underground.

Will Your Fence Need Additional Finishing Services?

Depending on the material your fence is made of, you may need additional services, such as painting or sealing. Check with your contractor to see if this is covered in your quote or if this is something you'll need to hire out after the fact.

By asking the right questions of a potential fencing contractor, you can make your choice with confidence. From there, you can have a beautiful and effective fence installed on your commercial property that, with the right maintenance, should last for many years to come.