Aluminum Security Fences For Your Commercial Property

Fencing off your commercial property can be a difficult decision, particularly if you operate a retail or on-site customer service from your building. Yet, the benefits to security, particularly after hours or if you have equipment stored outside, are a reason to consider fence installation. If you are not in favor of the look of chainlink, there is another choice. Aluminum fencing can both look welcoming while providing much-needed security.


Aluminum fencing is designed to mimic classical wrought iron fencing. The pickets are typically powder coated black, but you can opt between a matte or glossy finish depending on you your desired look. Other colors are also available, although black tends to be the most popular due to its classical appearance. Pickets also come in a variety of styles, from square and modern, to twisted, curlicued, and ornate, similar to some of the more old fashioned wrought iron styles. 


Another huge benefit of aluminum is its durability. Unlike traditional wrought iron, aluminum won't rust or corrode. In fact, weathering and the elements have virtually no effect on the fencing material. Aluminum fencing is difficult to cut through and it doesn't bend easily, so damages -- both accidental or on purpose -- are rare. Aluminum fencing is often installed into a concrete footing, which means it has a durable anchor and is unlikely to be knocked down.


Aluminum shares many security features with chainlink, it's simply a more ornate fencing option. This fencing also has some benefits over chainlink. The series of vertical pickets make it more difficult to climb than a chainlink mesh, for example. Another issue with the chain is that it can sometimes be lifted from the bottom. This is never an issue with an aluminum fence. You can have the fence designed in the height of choice, with taller fences being even more difficult to climb over. Many property owners opt to have spiked finials added to the top of the pickets as well, which adds further security and dissuades climbing.


Very little maintenance is needed to keep your aluminum fence in good shape. The pickets won't rust nor is the finish likely to wear away, so sanding and repainting is never necessary. Occasional washing of the fence can keep it looking its best. Any gates will need to be periodically inspected and lubricated to make sure they are operating correctly.

Contact a commercial fencing company such as York Fence Co, to learn more about your aluminum security options.