Ornamental Iron Fencing For Dog Owners

As a dog owner, you need to balance the aesthetics of your fence with the safety of your pup. Yet, you may not want to settle for a boring solid wood or vinyl fence. The good news is that ornamental iron fencing can be perfect for dog owners if you choose the right style and design.

Smaller Picket Openings

The main issue with iron fencing is that the picket spacing is wide enough for some dogs to squeeze through. The good news is that you can have a fence designed with small openings between the pickets to prevent this. For very small dogs, even closely-spaced pickets may not be enough, though. In this case, look for a design with an integrated screen on the lower section of the fence. The screen can become part of the fence's design so it doesn't seem out of place.

Greater Height

For dogs that jump, a higher fence is the best way to keep them confined. Fortunately, you can purchase iron fences in a variety of heights to meet your needs. Where a short 3- or 4-foot tall fence may be plenty tall enough for a small dog, a 6-foot fence may be necessary for a larger pup. If your dog still attempts to get over the fence, you can also have discreet roll bars that are designed to prevent climbing installed along the top.

Picket Finial Protection

A traditional iron fence has pointed finials on the top of each picket. This can be a safety concern if you have a pup that may attempt to jump or pull themselves up on the fence to look over. You can opt for non-pointed finials to avoid this problem. Another option, if you like the look of the finials, is to get a hoop-topped fence. In this style, every third picket has the finial, while the two pickets on either side form a hoop over the top of the finial in the center.

Digging Prevention

Finally, not all dogs are jumpers, some are diggers. Iron fencing can't be chewed through or lifted up, which makes it a great choice in yards with dogs. You can ensure your pup never gets beneath the fence by installing a concrete threshold in the ground beneath the fence line. Another option is to plant low shrubbery along the fence line so your pup can't easily access the area to dig.

Contact an iron fencing service, such as Canyon  Fence Co, for more information.