Reasons To Consider Precast Screen Walls

Precast screen walls are little more than privacy fences made from concrete. You have a choice in dimensions and designs, as well as the color of the concrete. These walls may act as a privacy fence, but they provide many benefits that far exceed those of your other fencing options.

Noise Reduction

Noise can be a major concern, especially if your home borders a busy road or an industrial area. Precast walls are made of concrete, which has the mass to absorb and dampen most noise. You can also purchase precast walls that are made of acoustic panels. These panels are encased inside the exterior decorative portion of the wall, but they increase noise absorption so that little sound travels through the wall. Not only will this benefit you, but it may also benefit your neighbors if you have children or pets playing loudly outside.

Low Maintenance

Most fencing options require some maintenance, such as painting and sealing. Precast concrete screens only require periodic cleaning. In dry climates, hosing them off once or twice a year is usually sufficient. In areas with more moisture, there may be some moss growth, so you may need to pressure wash the walls every so often. Other than cleaning, a precast screen wall will likely never need any additional maintenance.

Damage Resistant

Most fence damage is caused by outside trauma — like a tree blowing over in a storm, accidentally ramming into the fence with a lawnmower, or over-shooting the driveway in the car. Wood, vinyl, and even metal fencing can suffer damage. Precast walls are made of concrete, which can withstand a lot more force — whether from a falling branch or a wayward vehicle. While these walls are not immune to damage, it will take a lot more force to crack or break the concrete, which means damage is rare in most residential applications.

Quick Installation

Since concrete screen walls are precast to your specifications, most of the actual building takes place offsite. The installation crew will show up to measure your yard and lay out the fence lines. They will then install the support rods for the walls. The walls are then constructed and brought to your site, where they are quickly erected on the prepared supports. Most precast walls can be installed in a day or two, so dealing with work crews won't take up all of your time.

Contact a precast screen wall installer for more information.