Types Of Chain Link Fencing For Your Business

Chain link fences are prized in commercial settings because of their low cost and low maintenance. On top of these benefits, they are also relatively secure, especially if additional features like barbed wire are installed along the top. Choosing a chain link fence isn't exactly cut-and-dry, though. There are a few options available, so you will need to decide which is best for your application.


Aluminum is probably one of the most commonly used materials, in part due to its easy availability and low cost. An aluminum fence naturally resists corrosion and rust, which makes it long-lasting. The lightweight material is also easy to work with so that installation can proceed quite quickly. Once installed, an aluminum fence will generally require no maintenance unless it is in some way damaged. Eventually the aluminum will begin to fail, especially if it is installed in a highly exposed area to weathering.


A galvanized fence is a step up from plain aluminum. These fences are galvanized with a zinc coating, which takes them from being corrosion-resistant to nearly being corrosion-proof. Because of this feature, a galvanized chain link fence will likely outlast a plain aluminum fence. Galvanized fences are often used in area with high moisture exposure, such as near irrigated grounds or where a fence goes through a wooded area, such as around a large corporate campus.


There are two reasons to invest in a vinyl-coated chain link fence. The first is durability. Since all the metal is covered in vinyl, there is absolutely no chance of rust or corrosion. The second reason is aesthetics. A vinyl-coated fence can simply look more attractive. You can go with classic black vinyl, which can look quite classy if combined with decorative finials on the posts, or you can opt for green so the fence fades into the landscaping. There are also custom colors available, so you can make the fence match your building exterior.


A slatted chain link fence usually consists of an aluminum or galvanized fence combined with privacy slats. These slats are fitted into the chain to create a relatively solid fence that can be seen through. Slatted chain is good for areas where you need privacy on your business campus, such as near outdoor work areas, or to shield unsightly areas of your business campus from the general public. You can choose slats in any color.

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