Tackling Rust On Your Commercial Chain Link Fence

To some consumers, a business is only as good as it looks. By this measure, if the exterior of your business looks unkempt, you could lose business. It is important to maintain every element of your building's exterior, including your chain link fence. If rust has taken over your chain link fence, learn what measures you can take to eliminate the problem and improve the look of your fence and, ultimately, your business. 

The Right Fencing Matters

In terms of both rust prevention and protection, the right type of chain link fence goes a long way. Ideally, you want to have a galvanized chain link fence installed, especially if you live in a high-moisture climate. Galvanized fencing is pre-coated. The coating creates a moisture barrier that prevents moisture in the area from targeting the metal and causing rust to form.

Generally, with this fence style, there is little need to take any additional rust protection measures. Without a galvanized chain-link fence, you will find yourself in a constant battle to keep the rust away, which is a battle you may not win. If you do not have this fence style, consider an upgrade.

Maintenance Is Ongoing

It is important to understand that rust prevention can also involve ongoing maintenance. For example, even if you have a galvanized chain link fence, with time, most chain link fences will become more susceptible to rust development. 

Often, rust forms in areas where there is high friction, such as the areas around a gate fence. Areas with high friction are more likely to crack or bend. Moisture gets in through the tiny openings this sort of damage creates, and eventually, rust forms. It is a good idea to keep these areas lubricated to minimize friction.

Treat Rust Promptly

In the event that you notice rust on your fence, you must take action as soon as possible to treat the rust. Rust is not only damaging, but it can spread quickly. As a result, a small pocket of rust in one area of your fence can quickly spread and cause more harm.

Sanding down the rust and applying a rust-protection sealant can help. In the case of significant rust that has not been treated quickly, contact a fencing contractor to determine if the fence is beyond repair and in need of replacement. 

If your fence is severely damaged, it is a good idea to speak with a fencing professional for further assistance. 

To learn more about commercial chain link fencing, contact a fence contractor.