Repairs That Your Wood Privacy Fence Might Need After A Bad Storm

Strong wind can damage your wood privacy fence since the wind can't blow through the pickets. The pressure of the wind can blow a section of your fence down or cause the fence to lean. If you have dogs you need to keep in the yard, repairing your fence is probably a top priority. Here are some fence repairs you may need to have done due to storm damage. 

Restore A Section Of Missing Fence

If the wind is strong enough, your fence may rip apart and parts of it may even blow away. In that case, the fence repair contractor may need to put in new sections of fencing. However, if a section of fence is just blown down and otherwise in good condition, the contractor may use the same fencing and just stand it back up. The fence may need to have supports, such as sister posts or rails, added to keep the fence from being wobbly.

Fix A Fence That's Leaning

If the wind didn't blow your fence all the way down, one or more of the privacy panels may lean. This makes your fence an eyesore, and it could create a hazardous situation for your pets. A fence repair contractor may need to bust up the concrete holding the fence posts in order to remove the privacy panel. The fence may need to be taken apart to sink the posts in new concrete. Once the concrete has cured and the post is stable, the privacy panel can be added so the fence is straight and strong again.

Repair A Broken Rail

If a tree limb crashes on your fence, the contractor might have to repair broken posts, panels, or rails. When pickets snap, the broken ones are removed and replaced with new ones. Broken posts may also need to be removed and replaced, which also entails busting up the concrete and putting in new concrete to hold the new post. Posts can sometimes be reinforced depending on where the crack is located by adding a new post to it.

Broken rails can often be repaired with a brace or sister rail, but if repairs aren't possible, the fence may need to be taken apart so the pickets and posts can be reused with a new rail. If the entire fence panel is damaged, the contractor may take out the old panel and replace the whole thing with a new one.

It's a good idea to check your fence after a storm, particularly if you depend on the fence to keep your dogs in the yard. Push against the fence to make sure it's still strong and secure, and if not, have a fencing contractor make repairs so your fence is strong and ready to face the next storm.