Chain-Link Fences: More Options Than You Think

Chain-link fencing is not a one-size-fits-all fencing solution. Like any other fence, you can personalize it to fit your specific needs. Make no mistake — just because chain-link fences look similar doesn't mean they are all the same.

Chain Thickness

Chain-link fences are typically made from either galvanized or steel wires. Not only do you have the option of which of these two materials is used, but there are also a variety of chain thicknesses available. Generally speaking, the thicker the chain, the more secure the fence since it will be harder to cut through with wire cutters. Thinner, less expensive chains are suitable for fencing in yards for pets or children, for example, whereas the thickest chains are preferred to fence in commercial storage yards where theft may be an issue.

Fence Height

Chain-link fences come in a large range of stock heights, from short barrier fences of no more than 3 feet tall to huge security fences that are 12 feet tall. Height is in part determined by where you live since many municipalities have codes dictating height. For example, you may be limited to a shorter 3- or 4-foot fence in a front yard, but the city may require a 6- or 8-foot fence around a pool. The tallest fences are typically reserved for businesses or areas where fencing is required to keep out wildlife like deer.

Extension Panels

Extension panels can be attached to a chain-link fence for a variety of reasons. If, for some reason, a 12-foot fence isn't enough, such as around a sports field, extension panels can be used to add even more height. There are also specialty extension panels. Slanted panels are often used on short chain-link fences to make them more difficult for people to climb or animals to jump over. There are also razor or barbed-wire extension panels that can be installed for added security.

Color and Coatings

Not all chain-link fences are silver in color. You can have the fence coated with an enamel or rubberized coating in the color of your choice. These coatings don't just make the fence look nicer; they also protect the chain. Rubberized coatings are especially popular if the fence is used around children since it minimizes the chances of little fingers getting pinched in the chain.

As you can see, there are a multitude of choices when it comes to picking out a chain-link fence. Contact a chain-link fence installation company near you to learn more.