Adding A Fence To Your Property’s Perimeter

Whether it is to improve the security of your property or to more clearly mark its boundaries, the installation of a fence is a major project to undertake. Throughout the process of designing your property's new fence, there are several factors that will need to guide your choices.

The Amount Of Privacy The Fence Should Provide

In addition to improving the security of your property, a fence can also improve privacy by preventing neighbors from being able to easily see into your yard. When improving privacy is a goal for your fence installation project, an option should be chosen that will have as few gaps as possible between the components. For those that are wanting to install a wood fence around their property, the lack of gaps between the panels can slightly increase the costs by requiring more planks to be installed, but it will substantially reduce the chances of someone being able to see through the fence into the yard.

Erosion And Runoff Impacts From The Fence

Installing a fence around your property can have an impact on the ability of runoff to drain as well as erosion that the property is prone to experiencing. Assessing the potential impacts that the fence will have in these regards can allow for features to be included to mitigate any complications. For example, if your fence leaves no gap between it and the ground, drainage lines will need to be placed at regular intervals to allow the runoff to pass through. Without these features, the water could put enough force on the fence to actually cause it to tip over or develop a lean. A fence installation contractor can assist with performing a terrain evaluation to determine the optimal placement for these drains, but it will be up to you to regularly clean them so that water can easily pass through.

Monitoring Capabilities For The Perimeter Around The Fence

To maximize the security that a fence is able to provide, it is worthwhile to install monitoring capabilities around the perimeter of the structure. These capabilities can include video cameras, motion sensors or other devices that can alert you to individuals attempting to scale the fence or vandalize it. While this is a common feature for commercial fencing options, residential properties can benefit from these capabilities as well. Furthermore, the cameras and motion sensors can be discretely placed to minimize their impact on the beauty of the property.

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