Learn About Cedar Wood Fencing And Its Characteristics

If you've decided to have a fence installed, you may already have an idea of what you'd like that fence to look like. If a wood one comes to mind, then this would be a great choice for a number of reasons. However, even better is choosing the right type of wood. Some of the types you can go with include cedar, spruce, redwood, cypress, pine, and others. However, this article will focus on cedar and why you might find it to be the best option when it comes to your fence. 


Different types of wood fences can offer different features. Some wood is golden, some is red, some is gray, and so on. However, cedar fencing is popular with many homeowners because it offers a lot of different looks. Cedar can come in tans, reds, browns, and even off-whites.

Cedar also offers different options when it comes to knots. Some people want a fence that's free of knots, while others feel the knots add character. Different types of cedar can offer variations with regard to knots as well. 

Natural Protection

When you get a wood fence, you'll have to have it treated to protect it from the elements. While you can treat cedar fencing, know that it will come with its own protection regardless. 

Cedar contains natural oils that protect it from things like moisture damage, sun damage, and even pest damage. When you want a wood fence with the least amount of required maintenance and upkeep, cedar is a great option. Cedar's natural oil is so beneficial that it's even a popular essential oil used by people for protection from many things, including inflammation, dry skin, acne, and for promoting fast healing. 

Strength and Durability

Cedar is a very strong type of wood, making it a great choice for fencing. The strength and integrity of the wood, as well as the natural oils, make it less likely to warp, crack, and decay. Many times, untreated cedar fences fare better than other types of wood fences that have been treated. 


One of the best things about cedar fencing is how beautiful it can look. Cedar has a straight grain to it that helps add to its charm. The wood also ages well, slowly changing over time, to develop a gorgeous silver sheen that many find appealing. 


When you've decided on a wood fence, you'll want one that looks beautiful and improves your curb appeal while also lasting a long time and offering additional security with minimal effort. These are just some of the things cedar fences can offer.