Building a Fence; Building Safety

The Components of Chain-Link Fencing

Are you thinking about getting a chain link fence installed on your property? This guide explains the components that make up a chain-link fence. Terminal Posts The terminal posts are going to be installed on corners and where gates are placed. They are the posts that take on more weight than the rest of the posts used in the fence and will be wider than other posts as a result. If you are fencing off an area with four sides and one entrance gate, you'll need at least six terminal posts to get the job done correctly. Read More 

Considerations For A Wheelchair-Accessible Deck

When you have a family member who uses a wheelchair, you'll need to perform a variety of tasks around the house with this person in mind. For example, you might install a stairlift that will allow the individual to safely and easily travel between floors. When you're thinking about future building projects, including the addition of a deck, accessibility should continue to be in your mind. As you discuss your deck project with a local contractor, make sure to tell him or her about your family member's use of a wheelchair. Read More 

Chain-Link Fences: More Options Than You Think

Chain-link fencing is not a one-size-fits-all fencing solution. Like any other fence, you can personalize it to fit your specific needs. Make no mistake — just because chain-link fences look similar doesn't mean they are all the same. Chain Thickness Chain-link fences are typically made from either galvanized or steel wires. Not only do you have the option of which of these two materials is used, but there are also a variety of chain thicknesses available. Read More 

Choose The Right Fence For Privacy & Affordability

Choosing a privacy fence can feel like a major ordeal. You need to protect your own privacy, keep pets and family members on your property, and perhaps make sure you can do so affordably. This leads to a major question: which fencing material helps you do all those things? These are some of the things you need to know about fencing materials for your location. Wood Fence Wood fences are the perfect choice for many people looking for privacy. Read More 

Repairs That Your Wood Privacy Fence Might Need After A Bad Storm

Strong wind can damage your wood privacy fence since the wind can't blow through the pickets. The pressure of the wind can blow a section of your fence down or cause the fence to lean. If you have dogs you need to keep in the yard, repairing your fence is probably a top priority. Here are some fence repairs you may need to have done due to storm damage.  Restore A Section Of Missing Fence Read More