Choose The Right Fence For Privacy & Affordability

Choosing a privacy fence can feel like a major ordeal. You need to protect your own privacy, keep pets and family members on your property, and perhaps make sure you can do so affordably. This leads to a major question: which fencing material helps you do all those things? These are some of the things you need to know about fencing materials for your location. Wood Fence Wood fences are the perfect choice for many people looking for privacy. Read More 

Repairs That Your Wood Privacy Fence Might Need After A Bad Storm

Strong wind can damage your wood privacy fence since the wind can't blow through the pickets. The pressure of the wind can blow a section of your fence down or cause the fence to lean. If you have dogs you need to keep in the yard, repairing your fence is probably a top priority. Here are some fence repairs you may need to have done due to storm damage.  Restore A Section Of Missing Fence Read More 

Protect Your Garden From Curious Wildlife With The Right Fencing

Keeping wildlife out of your yard can be so important when you're interested in having a garden and want to make sure that animals aren't going to get too close and get into your plants. Whether the garden is going to be feeding you with vegetables and fruits you plan on growing, or you are using it to plant flowers, you'll want to see how much of a difference the right fencing can make. Read More 

Fence Design Ideas To Help Add Outdoor Privacy To Historic Renovations

When restoring a historic home, there are some things to consider, such as improvements, additional features, and preserving the appearance of architecture. Sometimes, you may want to add things like new fencing, but you want the new fence to be attractive and blend in with the renovations you are doing. The following fence ideas will help you add privacy to outdoor spaces when doing historic renovations: Traditional White Pickets With Modern Materials—One of the options that you may be considering to preserve the historic appearance of architecture is pickets. Read More 

Tackling Rust On Your Commercial Chain Link Fence

To some consumers, a business is only as good as it looks. By this measure, if the exterior of your business looks unkempt, you could lose business. It is important to maintain every element of your building's exterior, including your chain link fence. If rust has taken over your chain link fence, learn what measures you can take to eliminate the problem and improve the look of your fence and, ultimately, your business. Read More